Security evolved.

We specialize in Autonomous Patrol Robots.

Sirius Autonomous Patrol Bot


​Our autonomous robotic platform is designed specifically for the security industry. Allowing security teams to monitor and respond to events in real-time remotely.


Sirius is ready for rapid deployment with autonomous GPS-based waypoint navigation, obstacle avoidance safety features and failsafes, and a high-performing camera module that interfaces seamlessly with existing software.

Sirius can augment security teams, amplifying and enhancing their security program whilst improving operational efficiencies.

How our autonomous security robots help businesses

Amplifies force, improves threat detection, increases deterrence, and operates 24/7 in outdoor and indoor environments

Solves staffing challenges and allows security teams to do more with fewer people

Alerts security staff automatically on anomalies using powerful AI for intruder detection, facial recognition, vehicle detection 

Frees up security budgets at a breakthrough price point, delivers typical cost savings of 60%

Robots-as-a-Service packages available now.

Security robots are changing the game

"...visibility, combined with the enhancement of issue prevention and operational efficiency, makes robotics one of the most compelling technologies today for the security industry."

- SDM Magazine

Increasingly, organizations are beginning to deploy robot security guards to enhance their existing security programs. Autonomous security robots can provide real operational benefits:

  • Serve as a force amplifier and project visibility

  • Gain additional visibility across multiple remote locations

  • Collect and process more data than a human possibly can

  • Automatically detect anomalies and send alerts to security teams

  • Engage with people on patrol

  • Free up operational budget 

  • Provide additional coverage on weekends and after hours

Early adopters are gaining experience and a deeper understanding of the potential for robotic security guards. Security robots can offer organizations the ability to improve operational efficiencies, safely and securely patrol large areas, and integrate seamlessly with existing security technologies.

How Alterra Robotics can help during COVID-19

Keep security guards safe during COVID-19

Allow security guards to monitor remotely whilst sheltering-in-place – operators can use the simple point-and-click map interface via desktop, laptop, or mobile device to set patrol routes for the Sirius Patrol Bot and take over manually if needed

Prevent theft and protect assets at temporarily closed facilities

Provide 24/7 additional coverage to prevent theft and protect assets across facilities that are temporarily closed or have fewer employees – get AI-based alerts on anomalies

Short-term monthly contracts

Alterra Robotics is now offering monthly contracts for our Sirius Patrol Bots to help organizations with temporary resource shortages during this challenging time

Deploy robots rapidly

Sirius Patrol Bots can be deployed rapidly, and the intuitive setup and user interface of our operator dashboards allows for quick and easy training of existing staff – and of course, we are always here to help through remote or on-site support



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