Autonomous robots for security

Our robots are designed to augment security teams. The robot can monitor a predefined area autonomously, and most importantly do so safely by constantly scanning its environment for people, terrain, and unplanned obstacles. It has been specifically designed with both outdoor and indoor use in mind.


Our robots are designed from the ground up for compatibility with multiple sensor payloads (such as thermal imaging cameras) depending on the deployment need of customers.

Fleets of robots can be deployed across multiple facilities, with multiple options for secure monitoring and control - including over the cloud to be able to view and command any robot from any device, anywhere securely.

Features at a glance

GPS Navigation

Set GPS-based routes and way points for autonomous navigation.

AI Enabled Detection

Day/night HD cameras with AI-based anomaly detection.

Easy Integration

Video and audio feeds are compatible with your existing security monitoring software.

Remote Monitoring

Multiple options to monitor and control a fleet of obots from anywhere.

Camera and Sensor Options


The standard unit is equipped with four 5 MP Super HD cameras that are night vision capable, equipped with infrared LEDs. The cameras are compatible with Blue Iris and popular security apps.

Other options such as thermal imaging and environmental sensors can also be implemented to meet specific operational needs. Contact us to find out.

AI image recognition algorithms allow automated people and vehicle detection, as well as facial and number plate recognition. The AI can send automated alerts including via email and SMS text messages to your security personnel.


Command Center

Our robots are designed with autonomous navigation and real-time obstacle avoidance features as standard. Command and control is achieved via a Command Center application. Video, sensor, navigational data can be transmitted to the cloud or local base station with multiple connectivity options available to meet specific operational needs:

  • Secure wifi network (WLAN)

  • Point-to-point radio link

  • 4G/LTE for beyond visual line of sight operations

The Command Center application allows end-users to set navigational waypoints (GPS for autonomous navigation), monitor robot status and sensor data, and take over manual control for teleoperation of the unit.


Autonomous Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance

Our robots are capable of autonomous navigation of large outdoor and/or indoor spaces. Multiple options are available to meet specific operational needs.

Safety in any robot operation is #1 priority, and especially so in autonomous navigation. Our robots are equipped with a state-of-the-art LIDAR system. The system scans the environment at a high refresh rate for moving and stationary objects. The data is processed onboard the robot, which makes intelligent decisions on the best course of action - choose the optimal route to go around the unplanned obstacle, or come to a stop until the obstacle is clear of the robot.

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