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construction site cameras

Our AI-enabled security camera modules can be rapidly deployed in minutes, and are fully self-sufficient with 4G/LTE connectivity and an optional solar panel kit with included battery backup. Choose between a wall/pole mount module or tower with 180/360-degree coverage. Our modules use high-resolution day/night cameras supported by advanced Artificial Intelligence to detect vehicles and people on-site. Detected events are reported in near-real-time through SMS notifications and video clips are accessible on our user-friendly dashboard.


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180/360-degree coverage

Two to four high-resolution day/night dome cameras provide full coverage (two cameras provide 180-degree coverage for the wall-mounted unit)

AI-based monitoring

Our onboard Edge-AI Hub analyzes the video streams and provides real-time people and vehicle detection

Wall and pole mount dual-camera module, complete with 4G/LTE modem, 180-deg coverage, and optional solar panel kit with included battery

cellular modem

A high-bandwidth 4G/LTE cellular modem for uploading clips and real-time viewing

solar power


rapid deployment

Optional solar panels and onboard battery for a truly standalone system

Our security camera tower can be rapidly assembled and disassembled in minutes

real-time notifications & dashboard

Receive immediate SMS/text notifications and view AI-detected anomalies on a user-friendly dashboard

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