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Deployment of Autonomous Robots

At Alterra Robotics, we strive to be customer-focused. We seek to thoroughly understand client requirements and operational challenges from the very beginning in order to identify and deploy the right solution that will deliver real benefits. We understand that many deployment scenarios across clients have a lot of similarities, but no two deployments are identical. Alterra Robotics helps decision-makers in the organization understand the financial and operational benefits for their particular scenario.

A typical operational deployment scenario might look like:

1. Conduct an initial assessment: Understand the business challenges and operational scenario. This can include a site visit by Alterra Robotics to help choose a pilot site.

2. Plan for a pilot deployment: Select one or more facilities/operational scenarios to deploy so that the organization can adapt and learn how to best leverage robotics to enhance their operations. 

3. Deploy robot and train operations personnel: Deploy the robot(s), setup and test autonomous navigation, train end-users, and support the establishment of policies and procedures. Alterra Robotics guides and provides support to your organization throughout deployment and continued operation.

4. Expand deployment:  Scale and deploy additional robots across multiple sites. Amplify financial and operational benefits by integrating robotics into your wider network of security operations.

Contact us to find out how our autonomous robots can be deployed in your organization

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